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The name's DJ_Zephyr, and you've stumbled across my little art gallery. I decided it'd be nice to have a place to showcase my signatures, artwork, and game skins.

Feel free to look around. If you see anything you like, feel free to save it, but give me credit if you use any of my original works online.

Enjoy the art!

'Mechs of Team Satomi
2 teams. 6 'mechs. 60 miles of track. 350+ miles per hour. What's not to like?

Captain's Log

3/4/06 - Added my Samurai Champloo tribute sig.

2/28/06 - New section- Conventions! I've added pics of cosplayers from the 2005 Orlando MegaCon, as well as some pics of the stuff I picked up there. Check it out!

2/22/06 - Added a badge from the Hentai Free project. This site is porn- and hentai-free! Also changed the site to an IGPX theme, complete with borders, icon, banner, and the pic above.

1/21/06 - Bought a sword on eBay, posted pics in the Cool Pics section.

1/18/06 - Changed the background of the banner site to a PSU wallpaper; added a PSU sig, as well.

1/11/06 - Added music and a few more pics.

1/10/06 - Started the Gallery.

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"BAAANZAAAI!!!" - Me, Jedi Academy.

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