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History of the DJ

Many people have asked me where my name came from. It's a bit of mixed inspiration. The word "Zephyr" is Greek for West Wind, if I'm not mistaken, and the "DJ_" tag comes from an avid love of music, techno included. I thought of the name for an Unreal Tournament 2003 skin, which was probably one of my first game mods period, and also helped me learn a few Photoshop skills.

The name stuck, and I've used it for about as long as I've been playing online games.

My adventures into online gaming began with Elite Force, then moved on to Jedi Academy, where I would join my first clan, the -}FJO{-, or Followers of the Jedi Order. After that, I'd move on to several other clans- =S7A= The Se7en Assassins, -=DoL=- Dominion Of Light, and the short-lived [SD] Shaishuu Dynasty.

Currently, I am a member of the <BD> Burning Dawn Samurai Clan, a JA guild with dozens of samurai-themed mods. I helped to start the clan alongside my friends Onikage and Ryusei, and it has grown into quite a powerful little army, and in the past has had small branches in Guild Wars and Star Wars Galaxies. Our members are dedicated, loyal, and extremely well-trained, not to mention good friends. Visit their site and forums at:

UT'04- The First DJ_Zephyr

My Background

OK, to the left is the gaming me. This is the real me.

I currently live in Orlando and am attending Universal Technical Institute. I am studying automotive technology and hope to get a well-paying job in the ever-expanding field of automotive technology.

Other than my computer games and Photoshop experiences, I also enjoy cars and most forms of racing, especially World Rally Championship racing. I am also interested in NHRA drag racing, NASCAR, and D1 Gran Prix drifting.

My music is mostly my dad's. I was raised on '60s and '70s classic rock, and I still think it's the best stuff out there. I have been getting into a lot of the modern music these days, mostly hip-hop and techno (hence the name DJ), and some new rock and pop is alright with me.

If you ask me which console is the better choice, I'd choose a Playstation 2 over an Xbox any day of the week. I'm anticipating the debut of PS3 and Final Fantasy XII this year. But in the end, computer gaming is far superior to any console.

I predict that the best games of 2006 will be Final Fantasy XII and Phantasy Star Universe. From what I've heard, FFXII's combat system is all-new, and a step in the right direction. PSU is the only MMO I've heard of that will also have a single-player campaign to practice in. It should be a good year for the RPG!

My main outlook right now, tho, is RF Online, a subscription MMO with heavy PvP and a futuristic setting. I anxiously await the chance to hop into a Bellato 'mech and cause some havoc! This game will replace Galaxies for me, since SWG has lost much of its player base after the NGE overhaul late last year.

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick @$s. And I'm all out of bubblegum." - Nada, They Live

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