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MegaCon Orlando 2005

Yay! My first comic book convention! These pics are from the 2005 MegaCon in Orlando, FL, which I attended on February 25. Plenty of cool things (and people) were to be seen, and in all it was a rewarding experience!

My hunt for this event was for Amestris military uniforms, and there were PLENTY to be seen!

An unexpected (yet not unwelcome) invasion was that of the 501st Legion, also known as Vader's Fist, a Star Wars cosplay club. There were a few other Star Wars tidbits to be found, too.

Aside from the FMA and Imperial invasions, plenty of other costumes were to be found.

I walked out with some cool merchandise, too. The vendors were selling awesome stuff, and there were a few things I wish I had the money for. But I managed a pretty good haul!

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